where it started

Having grown up in the greater Los Angeles area, Kirsten Acevedo had always been surrounded by the arts. As a child, Kirsten loved being creative. By the age of thirteen, she already knew she wanted to be an interior designer. She attended Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas for four years. There, she pursued her dream to learn more about design, construction, and architecture. She felt, however, that this industry would not allow her to make a more positive change in the world.

After graduation, she decided to take an eight week trip to Riga, Latvia, where she served with an organization that helped women who were being sexually exploited. Helping women in this way had always been a desire for KirstenAlthough she had this passion, Kirsten never quite knew how to help and how one, single person could tackle such a fast-growing industry.


From that day forward, Kirsten knew she had to incorporate her two passions: interior design and helping oppressed women.


In 2016, her dream took form as she opened the doors to borderLESS|design, where a percentage of the proceeds are donated to an organization in India that help protect and provide for survivors of human trafficking.


Kirsten is thrilled to carry-out her dream through her company, but says, one day, she would like to design restoration homes for women and girls to live, heal, and grow together in community.

the vision

It has always been my dream

to run my own interior design company.  


There is so much beauty and gratification in taking something worn, torn, broken, and neglected and helping make it beautiful. In doing this, a pure and bold statement is undeniably declared due to its transformation. To me, this is the definition of interior design.  


Another dream mine, is the desire to see human trafficking abolished within my lifetime. Although this will be an extraordinary task, I am up for the challenge.

My goal for my company is to not only design stunning, custom homes, but it is to care and provide for my clients, as well as for the women and children, both domestically and internationally, who have been abused in every way. I want to assist in restoring their worn, torn, broken, and neglected bodies and spirits.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have had a heart for India -- the country, its people, that world; it invigorated me.

 India is also one of the greatest hubs when catering to pimps, traffickers and "Johns" (also known as "tricks" or the men who purchase services). They prey on young, poor and/or orphaned children and outcast women. Many of the victims are fooled and told by pimps and traffickers that they will work as waitresses, housekeepers, models, etc. Some women and girls are even sold by their own family for money.


This unsettled me

and I knew I could not

be still about it. 

It is my passion to pursue advocacy and activism in both my country and others. I have been given many wonderful opportunities to dedicate my time and personal finances to organizations throughout Southern California. India, however, has and always will pull at the strings of my heart -- I hope it will pull at yours too.  I want to truly thank you for taking the time to read more about us.  


We greatly look forward

to hearing from you.  


Kindest Regards,

kirsten acevedo

owner | founder | designer